Boston Occupied - An Insolent Parade

United States, Massachusetts, Boston United States, Massachusetts, Boston 206 Washington St. - Old State House

05 Oct. - 07 Oct. 2018 | 21:05 Starts in 226 day(s)
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Event Description

October 5 & 7, 2018 (Proposed Event)  The Revolution 250 Commemorations Committee ( proposes to re-enact the 1768 arrival of British Regulars in Boston  Key Historical organizations in Boston will be the sponsors and there is a likely encampment on Boston Common.  There is strong interest in attracting Crown regiments from New England, New York and beyond to supplement the numbers.  This is the 250th "kickoff" for the British Army and the outbreak of the Revolution.   The locations are the Old State House, Long Wharf, Boston Common, Faneuil Hall and various other locations throughout downtown Boston.  250 years ago, roughly 2,000 British Regular troops landed at Long Wharf on October 1, 1768 in response to growing unrest in Massachusetts regarding the Townsend Acts.  Bostonians watched as the British Army "marched with insolent parade, drums beating, fifes playing, and colours flying up King Street" to occupy their town.

Details are being worked out and finailzed.  If you are interested in participating or assisting, please contact Michael Graves or Paul O'Shaughnessy using the contact form below.  

Location of the Old State House event

Venue Information - Old State House

Old State House, 206 Washington St. Boston, MA